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Pressure Washing

Are you Licensed and Insured?

Yes, We are both licensed and insured for both your and our protection.

Are your chemicals safe for my landscape and pets?

Cleaners are needed to perform jobs properly. However, used at the correct levels, they will not harm landscaping, grass or siding. A true professional pressure washing company will use the right specialty cleaners to perform the task at hand.

Are there neighborhood rates?

Working with neighbors will definitely benefit you! We offer a significant discount to each home on multi-home neighborhood discounts. The savings will vary depending on the number of houses participating and the size of the houses. Call us so that we may talk with you about your particular group.

Frequently Asked Questions
Mobile Imaging

How often should I wash, wax, or polish my vehicle?

Washing your car once a week will protect and prolong the beauty of your finish. A wax should be applied at least four times a year to protect the paint coat. Your car should have full detail least once a year. You have a serious investment in your vehicle, and keeping it looking like new protects that investment. You will be able to demand a higher resale value for your vehicle.

Whats is Mobile Imaging?

Detailing means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. To some it is a nice car wash and wax, to others it is polishing the paint and metal, and to others still it is a time consuming process of preparing a car for a concours event. A common definition given is that detailing is a systematic rejuvenation of surfaces of an automobile. To me, detailing is not only the rejuvenation of the surfaces but focuses strongly on the preservation of the surfaces, whether it is the paint, chrome, metal, leather, plastic, composite, etc. How do we not only bring each surface to the highest standard but ensure that it will remain that way for the life of the automobile?

Do you offer Group Discounts?

Yes, We offer corporate discounts for fleet washing, dealership sales preparation detailing, and office discounts. We also offer neighborhood discounts.. Please contact us for more info.
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